Aftermath of F-4U Corsair Midair Crash – New Georgia Island (1943)

Aftermath of F-4U Corsair Midair Crash – New Georgia Island (1943)From the U.S. National Archives, B&W, No Audio


1) LS Looking down flight strip as R4D comes in for landing; palm trees and mountains in BG.2) MS F4U “Corsair” landing on airstrip; palm trees and mts. in BG.3) LS F4U burning on flight strip; jeep and fire truck in BG. SV DA4) MS F4U burning; fire truck in FG; hose turned on fire.5) MS Fire fighters playing hoses on burning plane.6) MS Wreckage of F4U; men inspecting wreckage.7) MLS Men playing hoses on wreckage of nearly-burned out plane; black smoke rising.8) MS Group of men standing around F4U; men suddenly duck.9) MS Wrecked tail section of a/c; another burning section of a/c in BG.10) MS Men lying on ground, ducking from what appears to be an explosion.11) LS Looking across rocky flight strip; F4U burning across the strip.12) MS Wing of F4U burning.13) MLS Men playing hoses on part of wreckage of F4U.14) MS-MCU Two men riding on wing tips of F4U as plane taxis down runway; palms in BG.15) MLS Four F4U’s, one taxies beside another; BG.16) LS F4U taking off. 2V17) MS Two F4U’s starting engines; F6F in BG; plane captains standing on wing tips of F4U.18) MS F4U’s taxiing onto strip; jeep in BG; mts. in FBG; PAN with first F4U taking off.19) MS F4U taking off; PAN with take off and with a/c airborne.20) MLS F4U making low pass over field.21) MS F6F taxiing. SV22) LS F6F taking off; mts. in BG; PAN with take off. SV23) MLS-MS Looking down taxi way showing two F6F’s taxiing out of frame. SV DA24) LS R4D taxiing up flight strip (scene framed between two palm trees).25) MS R4D making turn as it taxies.TITLE: ACTIVITIES PV-1 SQDN., RUSSEL ISLAND26) LS PV-1 coming up runway, taxiing; palm trees to R of frame.27) CU Weather vane atop control tower.28) HA LS PV-1 making landing; palm trees on each side of runway. SV29) MS Pilot holding chart instructing men while standing in front of PV-1; other officers standing nearby. SV DA30) MS Writing on side of a/c reading, “Blonde Blitz”; pilot and copilot sitting in cockpit; palm trees in BG.31) MS R4D taxiing; palm trees in BG.32) MS Crewmembers unloading material from PV-1 into truck; black Scottie dog sitting in front of PV-1 in FG; palms in BG.33) CU Scottie dog chewing on coconut.34) MS Crew loading stores onto back of truck.35) MCU Two men shaking hands in front of PV-1.36) MS Officer coming out of PV-1 carrying the dog.37) MCU Men loading 50 cal. magazine.

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