VERY FIRST! Airbus A350-941 (Cathay Pacific Airways) @ Toronto Pearson Int’l January 4, 2018

VERY FIRST! Airbus A350-941 (Cathay Pacific Airways) @ Toronto Pearson Int’l January 4, 2018Hello everyone! Welcome to this video! Happy New Year for 2018! All the best! And sure as hell, it got off on the right foot for us aviation enthusiasts.

Today’s day at Pearson will go down as the day of diversions, as New York JFK and Newark Libery were closed down all day due to a massive snowstorm. The end result was a ton of diversions and Toronto did happen to get a few.

But this video is being uploaded first because it is the last and most important diversion of the day. The very first ever landing of an Airbus A350-900 and Airbus A350 alone in Toronto, coming as a diversion from Newark Liberty as Cathay Pacific Airways, CPA890, diverting here due to the weather. I sure am glad I stayed out at Pearson and waited cause this bird was so worth it.

I had noted this flight before and watched her progress into Newark Liberty and after observing two brief holds, she was heading towards Toronto. We did get a scare as we got alerted that Pearson can no longer take her and the might be heading to Ottawa or Montreal but he said they were low and fuel which sealed the deal for a Toronto landing. She landed on RWY 33R at Pearson and then taxied off to Vista where it waited for its gate to open up as it contacted company who told them when the scheduled Cathay flight leaves Toronto for Hong Kong, they can take the gate but UPS487 with their McDonnell Douglas MD-11F had to get going so Cathay was moved to UPS moving out of Vista and by that time, Cathay had a spot assigned for them at the Hotel gates so they taxied down there to de-plane the passengers and overnight.

Well that was it everyone! Enjoy the video and I’ll catch you in the next one!



Airline: Cathay Pacific Airways
Flight: CPA890
Call sign: “CATHAY 890”
Aircraft: Airbus A350-941
Registration: B-LRS
Origin: Hong Kong Int’l (VHHH)
Destination: Newark Liberty Int’l (KEWR)
Diverted to: Toronto Pearson Int’l (CYYZ) due to weather

Date Filmed: 04JAN18
Time: 2138hrs

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