CAVOK Air Antonov An-12BP Landing RWY 06R Toronto Pearson

RARE! CAVOK Air Antonov An-12BP Landing RWY 06R @ Toronto Pearson Int’l August 29th, 2017Hello everyone! Welcome to this video! Here is another awesome rare aircraft coming in to close out the month of August of 2017. A CAVOK Air Antonov An-12!

I was at a friend of mine’s place who was fixing my car at the time when I got a message from a friend of a mine that an Antonov An-12 was inbound to Toronto. Luckily, my car had just gotten fixed so I headed out to Toronto Pearson Int’l to get this Antonov. Only problem was, the plane was literally thirty minutes out and closing in fast, so I had to hurry. By the time I got there, the aircraft was on short final for RWY 06R, so I went to Convair Dr and got the landing from there, not further down the road where I would have liked it, but I knew if I went further down the road then I would’ve missed the landing easily. So I got the landing on RWY 06R and then went to Cargo West to get it parking at Gate 501 with some awesome turbo-prop sound.

Enjoy the video!!



Airline: CAVOK Air
Flight: CVK7182
Call sign: “CHARLIE VICTOR KILO 7182”
Aircraft: Antonov An-12BP
Registration: UR-CEZ
Origin: Wichita Dwight D. Eisenhower National (KICT)
Date Filmed: 2017-08-29
Time: 1923hrs

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