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Aero 150 2017- CAF Snowbirds

Aero 150 2017- CAF SnowbirdsCanadian Armed Forces Snowbirds
2017 Aero 150
Gatineau-Ottawa Executive Airport (CYND)
Gatineau, Quebec
Sunday, April 30, 2017

IN THIS VIDEO: Hello everyone! Welcome to this video! Following a slight show modification, next up were the Canadian Armed Forces Snowbirds. What I noticed immediately is that Patrick Gobeil was leading the squad again and not Yanick Gregoire. Perhaps it was only a 1 year thing. Anyways, the CAF Snowbirds went and did their low show due to the cloud ceiling and did some modified acts than their regular show which I hadn’t really seen before. They transitioned to the high show halfway through the act but still cut a few acts down through the process. Very glad to have caught their very first performance of the 2017 season! Enjoy the video!

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