Nolinor Convair 580 Landing RWY 10 @ Lake Simcoe Regional

Nolinor Convair 580 Landing RWY 10 @ Lake Simcoe Regional Hello everyone! Welcome to this video! Here is my first time spotting at Lake Simcoe Regional, accompanied by Toronto Plane Spotter. So today we got word from a friend of ours that two Nolinor Boeing 737-200’s and a Convair 580 would be visiting for military charter flights. Due to class earlier in the day, we couldn’t catch the Boeing 737-200’s but we were able to catch the Convair 580. We were hoping for a RWY 27 landing but it landed on RWY 10, which wasn’t too bad after all, since it came right up to the end there and taxied off so we were able to catch it parking. Man these Convair’s never disappointed us with the engine noise, and our fellow classmate who works at Simcoe is the one who marshaled it in. Enjoy the video everyone and I’ll catch you in the next one!

RARE CALCULATOR: Mega Rare, 8/10


Airline: Nolinor Aviation
Flight: NRL521
Call sign: “NOLINOR 521”
Aircraft: Convair 580
Registration: C-GQHB
Origin: Churchill (CYYQ)

Date Filmed: 2017-03-27
Time: 1936hrs local time

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