Boeing 747-8 vs. Boeing 747-400

Boeing 747-8 vs. Boeing 747-400Which one of these planes do you like more? Write it in the comments. In addition to that please tell me which planes I should compare next. You can vote in the comment section by writing “744” or “748”.

“Versus” is back. Someone came up with the idea to compare the Boeing 747-400 with the B747-8. The classic 747-400 with its characterisitc winglets versus the modern Boeing 747-8 which is still in production.

The Boeing 747-400 entered service in 1988 and a total of 694 airframes have been produced. Northwest Airlines first placed the 747-400 in commercial service in February 9, 1989. The 747-400 was produced in passenger (−400), freighter (−400F), combi (−400M), domestic (−400D), extended range passenger (−400ER) and extended range freighter (−400ERF) versions. The last 747−400, a -400ERF, was delivered in 2009. The 747-400 is the second-most recent version of the Boeing 747 family, having been superseded by the improved Boeing 747-8,

The first Boeing 747-8 was delivered to Lufthansa in 2012. It` s not as successful as its predecessor cause of increased competition of other long haul aircrafts like the B777, A380 and A340. Since 2012 only 110 B747-8 have been delivered.


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