[FSX] Genova Landing (New Scenery!)

[FSX] Genova Landing (New Scenery!)My Live-Tracker Account:
(you can follow me there live or view finished flights)

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– This is a replay. It was recorded at a slow simulation speed to get a high framerate. Some lights, instruments and flight controls don’t work propely in replay, they worked perfectly fine during the actual flight.

-I won’t provide any settings or files. Most tweaks are easy to find on the internet and they should be applied carefully depending on each individual system.

EXTERIOR SHOTS: Combination of ChasePlane / Default Viewsystem and Camera Shaking in After Effects!

The WINDOW FRAME is just an image added in After Effects!

No Graphics Addons such as “ENB” or “SWEETFX” were used. Color Correction was done in Premiere Pro

Aerosoft - Genoa X

Aerosoft – Genoa X

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