FSX – Pilotable Large Cruiser USS Guam


FSX – Pilotable Large Cruiser USS Guam. This huge cruiser was almost a battleship, just 5 m or 15 feet shorter than the Bismarck. Six battle cruisers of the Alaska class were planned but only the Alaska and the Guam went into service during WWII until 1947. The FS-model is a rework from a CFS2-ai-ship and is now modiefied with more details and many animations. Even the catapult launch of a Curtiss Seahawk belongs to the animations. Twentynine camera views allows you to explore the big boat, the swiveling guns and the seaplane launch. The FS2002 Curtiss Seahawk is made by Paul Clawson with the repaint of Mick Morrissey. The original CFS2 ai-model with the camo textures is made by “Stuart” from SOH.

FSX rework with animations and cameras by Erwin Welker

4 MB

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