FSX – Jacksonville International Airport


FSX – Jacksonville International Airport. Jacksonville International Airport is a Class C airport in Jacksonville Florida. It’s the primary airport with Airline service in Jacksonville. Jacksonville itself is the largest city in the US continuous 48 when measured by land area. Over the past 10 years it has seen extensive renovations making the default very different from reality. Art Poole updated the airport adding the New Terminal, and various custom made buildings. But its been some years since Art’s scenery and the airport has seen even more construction. This scenery will update Art Poole’s scenery to the airports current state. This scenery is self contained and requires no additional downloads. Special features includes a custom AFCAD, extensive use of GP objects, Updated Instrument approaches (Including RNAV-Y Approaches), Custom Lighting, And several other features. Original Scenery By: Art Poole

Modified by: CountryFlyboy

10 MB

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