Emirates AC Milan Decals Airbus A380-800 Landing

Emirates AC Milan Decals Airbus A380-800 Landing RWY 05 @ Toronto Pearson Int’l April 15, 2016Hello everyone! Today was not a day I was planning to come out to spot, but given it was nice weather, I thought I might head out for a bit. It was confirmed when I saw what was coming. The Emirates Airbus A380-800 in AC Milan Decals. I’ve been wanting to catch this bird for a while, and good news! A6-EOM has been given awesome United Wildlife Decals as well, so hopefully we will be seeing it very soon. Some of you might notice that this video is a bit different, that’s because my current Sony Camcorder is in repair so I am using the old JVC Camcorder that I started this channel off with. Enjoy the landing everyone and I’ll catch you all in the next video!


Airline: Emirates
Flight: UAE241
Call sign: “EMIRATES 241 SUPER”
Aircraft: Airbus A380-861 (AC Milan Decals)
Registration: A6-EET
Origin: Dubai Int’l (OMDB)

Date Filmed: 2016-04-15
Time: 15:45 HRS LOCAL

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