Oneworld Livery Cathay Pacific Boeing 777-300ER

Oneworld Livery Cathay Pacific Boeing 777-300ER @ Toronto Pearson Int’l March 2, 2016Hello everyone! Here in this video we have a nice catch, something we aren’t likely to see often at Toronto in the future. I saw on my aviation group yesterday that a Cathay Pacific Boeing 777-300ER in Oneworld livery was diverting to Toronto from Chicago due to bad weather over there. However, by the time I saw it, it was on RWY 05 final, so I had no chance. But one of the members alerted us that the departure would happen at 1630 HRS LOCAL the next day. And sure enough, that was the case.

Cathay was towed to Gate 509 at the Cargo West to overnight. It then went to C33 and then pushed back, given a RWY 23 departure, with de-icing required. So we got the de-icing quite nicely, as well as an awesome Foxtrot taxi, followed by the flight crew waving at us which was awesome and then we floored it to FedEx to catch the departure off of RWY 23, I placed myself perfectly for the rotate, since I knew he would rotate a bit early since he wasn’t heavy. And that was the perfect way to end the day, a snow day too for us haha. Pure passion right there! 😀 Enjoy the video everyone and I’ll see you all in the next one.


Airline: Cathay Pacific Airways
Flight: CPA806D
Call sign: “CATHAY 806 DELTA”
Aircraft: Boeing 777-367ER (Oneworld Titles)
Registration: B-KPL
Destination: Chicago O’Hare Int’l (KORD)

Date Filmed: 2016-03-02
Time: 17:13 HRS LOCAL

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