FSX – Scenery Alfs UK Airfields Volume 33 – Sibson EGSP


FSX – Scenery Alfs UK Airfields Volume 33 – Sibson EGSP. Data was gleaned from pictures of wildly varying dates so some buildings were missing in older pictures and Google Earth and and others difficult to place. Lots of artistic licence used but hope it gives the flavour of the airfield. Compiled using aerial views from Google Earth, the FSX SDK Object Placement Tool and Airport Design Editor X v1.47.07. Non generic objects were produced using Instant Object Studio from Flight 1. I acknowledge thr use of some of SeevKahns Static aircraft, If you already have this installed elsewhere on your computer you can remove the appropriate files from this scenery. The scenery was designed to use with FSX Acceleration and FSX SP2 so there may be problems if SP1 and SP2 are not installed. Works under Windows Vista/7/8 and 10. The scenery was made to fit into the FSX standard scenery, discrepancies may occur with photo-realistic scenery.

© Alf Denham

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