FSX – RAF Fiskerton

FSX – RAF Fiskerton, Lincolnshire, England. RAF Fiskerton was a Royal Air Force station located north of the Lincolnshire village of Fiskerton, 5.0 miles east of Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England. It was one of many new bomber airfields built in the early part of World War II. The airfield was situated north of the village from where it got its name. It was one of only 15 RAF airfield equipped with FIDO, a fog-clearing system utilising petrol pumped through pipes alongside the main runway and burned via a sequence of nozzles. No. 49 Squadron and No. 576 Squadron RAF were stationed at RAF Fiskerton. 49 squadron took part in the Peenemünde raid on the research and development centre for the V2 missile. 576 Squadron took part in the raid on Hitler’s hideout at Berchtesgaden and in Operation Manna. Between 1962 and 1992 a Headquarters of the Royal Observer Corps was located within the airfield boundary.

By Terry Boissel

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