Thunder of Niagara Airshow 2015 Intro and Static Line-up Preview

Thunder of Niagara Airshow 2015 Intro and Static Line-up PreviewWelcome to Thunder of Niagara. Best way to kick off the show is to get there early which is what we did. Took an hour and 10 minutes. Parking was well organized and before we knew it we were in the show. We got our spots fast because we were afraid a bunch of people would show up and crowd the front centre. But remarkably, there were only a few. It didn’t get crowded until the USAF Thunderbirds at the end of the show.

Anyways, in this video I take a walk around of our spot and showcase the amazing static line-up that Thunder of Niagara had to offer. One of the best ever. I did a voice over for the static since the original video with the sounds didn’t turn out that good and this one was way better. And to tell you the truth I explored all of the static starting from the Rockwell B-1B Lancer to the C-5 Galaxy. Enjoy the video and next up to come: Show Introductions, Anthems and the US Army Golden Knights!

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