Let your Dreams Fly to Tangier

Let your Dreams Fly to Tangieryou find here the video of our great adventure that with YOUR help we made happen!

We are 10 colleagues and friends from Spain, Germany, France and Morocco with a common passion: Aviation

We all met on May 9th this year in Tangier, in the north of Morocco to spend one entire week with 6-16 year old children in the day care centre Hogar Lerchundi and the safehouse Dar Tika.

Children from low-income families have a very limited access to extracurricular activities. Therefore we feel a deep need to contribute with this cause.

By sharing our passion and by explaining with games and easy courses the concepts of aviation, we hope to awake their curiosity about science while most importantly inspiring them to believe in their ideas and fly beyond their dreams.

We have planned various activities throughout the whole week for the children. All the activities are designed to answer two important questions: What is an airplane? How does it fly?
Also this video has been made for and used in various activities to show the kids how to plan a trip and explain the dream of flying.

As a highlight, we want to show the children in reality what we have been working on all week. Therefore, we have organised the visit of a small DR400 aircraft that we take from Toulouse, which they can touch and feel. We are convinced that sitting in an Aircraft for the first time is an unforgettable and inspiring experience, something they will remember for the years to come.

To realise this great adventure, we had the help of many people to cover the cost: https://www.gofundme.com/FlyBeyondYour…

Everything that was donated contributed to the kids benefits for the following:
-​​​Activities materials (costumes, paper, cardboard…)
-Souvenirs for the children
-Costs of the plane transfer and visit

We want to thank everyone that helped and especially our big sponsors: Vartan Aviation Group and the Airbus Airclub of France.
1000 thanks again,

David, Jérôme, Lydia and Rafael

Dreaming is just the beginning… Fly beyond dreams

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