FSX/FS2004 – ULM Tango GT-II Camarenilla


FSX/FS2004 – ULM Tango GT-II Camarenilla. An ultralight aircraft is a sport designed to be lightweight and low consumption. Most models consists of car and tandem devices, and devoid single engine or fuselage fairing, although there are provided entirely fuselage fairings and models. The first Spanish ultralight is the Tango (2 axes), versions I, II and II GT, riding Rotax 503 or 582 engines and allowed to fly only 40 km / h, which was initiated, meets the requirements tickets or school in fact I think it’s the most ULM pilots formed in Spain, among whom I include myself. Although no longer manufactured, it is very difundidio as a cheap model tube structure and fabric, to boot. The company manufactured Sport Aircraft SA. Here you have the fairing II GT model, 2 seats side by side in versions 1 pilot, call it “student pilot” and the “two pilots” Clearly you and the instructor for example. I called Camarenilla in memory of my training times back in the inicions 90 of those who have fond memories, also I have not gotten remember carrying tuition, so I prefer to leave without her. The model for Fs2004 / Fsx is F & L Designer, Frederick L. Morcillo Azofra and Laura M. Celis Santiago, have not found website although where download (Models based aircraft), no paint kit so if you want You MUST make some texture modify the files manually on there already.

Complete and original aircraft package.

5.5 MB

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