FSX A2A PA28 Spin training and circuits

FSX A2A PA28 Spin training and circuits 

First off I would like to apologise for the truly shocking quality of the video, my internet has terrible upload speed and this is what was outputted by twitch.

This is something different for everyone today. I decided to try out stre aming and got quite allot of interest even with the applauding bit rate. Hope you enjoy the video all the same check out the time stamps below to help you navigate the video.

If you’re interested in more content like this let me know and give me an idea what you would like to see.

Departure: 10:55
First spin: 17:45
External spin view: 35:50
Standard overhead join explanation: 39:00
Circuits: 44:47
2nd landing: 49:00

By FSFLIGHTproductions

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