FSX – Ford Trimotor


FSX – Ford Trimotor. This is the whole Ford Trimotor package for FSX, compiled and updated for FSX by David Grindele.The focus of this upload is on an enhanced VC, because the ugly default VC design doesn’t do it justice at all and doesn’t contain all the gauges a Trimotor Prop should have. So the new VC now both displays more gauges and a major improvement of the VC’s appearance in general. However, the gauges added are there just for appearance and are non-functional, as the VC structure unfortunately is not set for a configuration of more functioning gauges. Also, all the textures have new thumbnails added, because the default ones don’t really depict the colors of the paints in most cases. In addition, new smoke effect and camera views have been added as well. Original model by Microsoft, FSX update and texture compilation by David Grindele, new camera views by Erwin Welker.

New Vc design, thumbnails and smoke effect by Michael Pook

38 MB


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