FS2004 – Freetown Lungi International Airport

Freetown 1

FS2004 – Freetown Lungi International Airport. Freetown is the capital of Sierra Leone with Lungi as its only international airport. However due to the 2014/2015 ebola crises most international traffic has been stopped. Usually Freetown is served by Air France, Brussels Airlines, Royal Air Maroc, ASKY and others. The airport has been modernized to international standards in 2012. However the construction of a new airport was begun in 2014. Lungi is separated from Freetown by the Sierra Leone River. That’s why the town is usually reached by ferry. The new airport will be further south and will make the ferry ride obsolete. What you get with this scenery:- A rendition of airport. It’s quite simple with a single runway and only a few buildings. The northern apron has been added. There are no buildings near that apron so that’s how it is. – Landclass scenery for Lungi and surrounding towns. Default Freetown is much too small. That’s why there is now additional landclass for the cities also south of Sierra Leone River reaching up from Hasting to Freetown in the east and further west and south down to Goderich and Sussex. – Ships on River Sierra Leone and the Atlantic ocean including the ferry from the airport to Freetown. – Harbor cranes at Freetown.


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By Bastian Blinten

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