FS2004 – Maya-Mata Airport Brazzaville

Brazzaville 2

FS2004 – Maya-Mata Airport Brazzaville. FS2004 is the most complete simulator in terms of files available. You will find landclass, mesh and airport sceneries for all parts of the world. However there are a few white spots left that have been overlooked by addon developers. Besides Tuvalu in the Pacific and East Timor in South-East Asia there are 16 African countries without any airport scenery. This project will close the gap. The airports are all created using EZ- and RWY12-libraries. They are not photorealistic but offer a reasonable detailed rendition of the airport. Airport scenery, not photorealistic but as close to reality as possible using object libraries. Maya-Maya airport was extended between 2008 and 2010. A second northern runway was added which is parallel to the old 05/23. The two runways can’t be used simultaneously as they are too close to each other. With the city of Brazzaville all around, the new runway had to be built within the existing airport boundaries. There also is a new northern apron. Helipads, a couple of helicopters and some static aircraft have been added where you will find them in real life. A few ships have been added to river Congo.

Complete package.

By Bastian Blinten

250 Kb

Brazzaville 1

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