FSX – Project El Al Boeing 777-258ER


FSX – Project El Al Boeing 777-258ER UTHD Photoreal Package v1.00. This package adds El Al’s B777-258ER fleet to PMDG’s 777-200LRX addon. This package includes all El Al 777 fleet in UTHD photoreal textures. This painting, which took almost a year to master changes completely PMDG’s master textures and adds numerous photoreal elements from the tails up until the entrance doors or the smallest markings on the fuselage. Furthermore, each aircraft was painted individually! It means that no aircraft is the same! 4X-ECA, ECB, ECC, and ECD, as the older models are painted with more wear signs such as extra dirt or discoloration effects, while the newer 4X-ECE and ECF are painted with more shine effects. In addition, every single aircraft has it’s own individual cockpit layouts mastered to match completely with the real deal. As for now the package is released as an “initial release” due to the fact PMDG gas yet to release a -200ER variant. If such a variant is ever released this package will be updated in advance, same with future updates. This package was designed exclusively for PMDG 777-200LRX and for use with that product only. By Yarden Ben-Dor.

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