X-Plane 9.70 – Calvert Peak Airport


X-Plane 9.70 – Calvert Peak Airport (OR73), v1.00. Calvert Peak airport is about 6 miles NNE of Winkle Bar, Oregon (OR), USA. It is a BLM-only field of 1627 x 120 feet for fire-suppression use only, and serves a nearby staging area. Better declare a ‘mayday’ before landing. At 3808 feet ASL altitude, you can just reach its SW end by Champ from Winkle to land without circling. To get back, take off to the SW and turn left to 180, idle back and glide down the canyon. At the bottom, hang a right into the river valley, drop flaps, follow the river to the NE end of Winkle Bar. Orthos from the USGS map and custom layered runway art done in the Gimp to mimic satellite views. Grasses by Simon W. OpenSceneryX is required for the forests. By Richard Nilsson.

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