X-Plane 10 – Scenery Bellarena Airfield


X-Plane 10 – Scenery Bellarena Airfield, Northern Ireland, 1.0. The Ballarena Airfield is located in the rugged but beautiful north coast of Northern Ireland. The airfield is home to the Ulster Gliding Club so if you ever fancy learning to fly a glider, this is a great spot to do it. You will require the OpenSceneryX library, as well as the Ru, R2 and People libraries for this to work. Special thanks also go to uwespeed for the European cars, Golf 1 for the skip, leovox01 for the maintenance tool kit, Jacques Brault for the toilet blocks and benches, Pixelmaster for the Land Rover, Chris Noe for the flags, vohinx for the glider trailers and capnsully for the grass and flower beds. By Stuart McGregor.

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