Emirates Boeing 777 Arrival during intense fog

Wet Runway!! Amazing Ghost Plane Arrival. Emirates Boeing 777 Arrival during intense fog

Yesterday I tried to do what I like most. I was looking for something unique, something you don` t see everyday. It was raining and the weather was awkward but due to a long traffic jam on my way back home from the university I decided to take my umbrella and walk to the place behind the runway at Düsseldorf Intl. Airport. I ended up filming “ghost planes” which landed on runway 23R. The most interesting plane was the Boeing 777 of Emirates which completet its flight from Dubai. Kinda a visual antithesis, don` t you think? Awkward weather and Emirates? Doens` t realy fit. This was the first time I used my new camera, the Canon 5d MarkIII. My old Canon 5dMarkII was slowly falling apart and it was definitly time for a new one. I am very content with the result but now it`s your turn to tell me what you think.

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