Ultralight Landing and Takeoff at Field/Beach

Ultralight Landing and Takeoff at Field/Beach – Onboard Cockpit Views – Shortfield

Without a doubt, the best thing about flying microlights/ultralight aircraft is the freedom to land and take off ANYWHERE you want! We ‘d set off for a flight to Mazotos, and after some low flying above beaches and water we decided to land somewhere to enjoy the beach from up close; and so we chose the right field to land at. Menelaos pulled off an amazing landing, after passing right over some palm trees. With the seagulls singing and the sun shining, landing there was an amazing experience. Taking off was equally thrilling, as we accelerated watching the dry grass moving faster and faster away from us, until Menelaos pushed the wings away and we took of to the skies back to Nicosia! A shortfield and soft field landing and again a shortfield and soft-field takeoff!

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