FSX – Hughes H4

Spruce Goose

FSX – Hughes H4 “Spruce Goose” flying boat. In fact, this was a flying ship with a wingspan of almost 98 m; until now the biggest wingspan ever built. The maximum weigth was designed for 181.5 tons. The famous flight pioneer Howard Hughes proposed that giant to be used as WWII troop transporter for 750 soldiers and a crew of 18 men; safe from U-boat attacks. The complete aircraft was made of birch and spruce wood. The construction was finished too late and so this huge airplane made only one test flight at low level. The FS model is now reworked for FSX and provides FSX-compatible gauges, props and .air files and shows internal and external camera views. The original was made by Dennis Simanaitis. Also the powerful sounds are from him and comes from his Tupolev Ant-20 Maxim Gorky, powered also with eight engines. Adaption for FSX by Erwin Welker.

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