Engine Failure On Takeoff. A Crash Landing!

Engine Failure On Takeoff. A Crash Landing!

This unfortuante event happened to a friend of mine. He allowed me to upload the footage and here is what he had to say, “Three high definition cameras were mounted to my Beechcraft Bonanza when the engine quit on takeoff from Fairbanks Alaska on July 26th 2012, One was pointed forward, one to the right side, and one to the rear. All three cameras caught the crash as it happened in HD. Both people on board survived with only minor injuries, but the airplane didn’t.

The airplane was beautiful and well maintained with a brand new engine that suddenly quit about 200 feet above the ground. There was 22 seconds from the time of engine failure to impact. NTSB has not yet determined the cause of the crash and the engine has been successfully ran on a test stand. The engine quit without warning, no power surge, no hesitation, no advance sign of trouble at all. I had not previously had any signs of any issues with my airframe or engine.

If you watch closely you’ll notice that after the engine failure I initially began a slight left turn thinking the road would be a good place to land because of obstructions elsewhere. Within a second or so I saw power lines beside the road and turned right to avoid a pistol range and a derelict DC-6 that was straight ahead. 

From the last annual I knew the landing gear extension time was 12 seconds so I decided to leave it retracted since I didn’t want to touch down with the gear in transition. I touched down as slowly as possible, just above a stall with the nose just slightly high. Any higher and the fuselage could have slapped down hard causing greater injuries to the spine and any lower the speed would have been higher and cause more frontal damage which could have shoved the yoke back into my chest more than it did.”

(So, this video is not mine)

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