FS2004/FSX/P3D – Scenery CYCD 2012

Looking East

FS2004/FSX/P3D – Scenery CYCD 2012 version 3. CYCD (2012) is an update to Ken Peters CYCD Nanaimo-Collishaw Airport (Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada). The airport has recently completed a major runway extension and installed an ILS for Rwy 16. The five flashing-red beacons that guide the way on a night approach to Rwy 34 are included. To the extent possible, this update reuses Kens custom buildings and objects (but you don’t need to have Kens version installed). As well, a selection of SAMM-generated static aircraft are scattered around the aprons supplemented by a number of AI aircraft that do touch ‘n gos from time to time. CYCD (2012) is compatible with ORBX FTX USA Canada Pacific Northwest and both versions of Ultimate Terrain. Generally, this new version is visually identical to its predecessor – even though quite different internally. As well, to the extent possible, it is compatible with Prepar3Dv2 (v3.03 fixes a vehicle texture issue in 3.02). By Don Grovestine.

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