Ultralight Flight from Short Strip to R/C Airfield

Ultralight Flight from Short Strip to R/C Airfield! Shortfield Takeoff & Gusty Landing

Join us in an Apollo Monsoon Ultralight Trike/Microlight as we start up, taxi and take off from the Microlights’ base near Marki. This is not a normal takeoff, though, as it is a very short one, a shortfield takeoff from a tiny and EXTREMELY narrow runway! Moreover, the tiny airstrip is surrounded by dangerous terrain, with a hill at one side of the runway and a cliff at the other. Fly with us in a short flight to an airfield where real-size aircraft are not meant to land; an airfield for remote-controlled aircraft that is! Watch the pilot’s precision in a shortfield landing at Kotsiatis Airfield, as we surprise the R/C pilots who unexpectedly saw us pop up and land at their airfield!

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