Flight onboard BELAVIA TU-154M from Minsk to Warsaw

Flight onboard BELAVIA TU-154M from Minsk to Warsaw

This video is dedicated to Boris, his team of Merlin Tour, the People of BELAVIA Belarusian Airlines, the Tupolev 154M and an incredible bunch of aviation enthusiasts from all over the world.

BELAVIA arranged an equipment change on their scheduled flight to Warsaw especially for us, a bunch of aviation enthusiasts. All of this happened in 2014 !

Flight details

Flight : B2 895
Date : June 7, 2014
Aircraft : TU-154M (instead of B 737-500)
Registration : EW-85741
Former registrations : CCCP-85741 (Aeroflot), ES-LTR (Estonian Air), RA-85741 (Belavia), EW-85741 (Belavia), ES-LTC (Elk Airways), EW-85741 (Shaheen Air International)
Built : 1991
From : Minsk-2 (MSQ)
To : Warsaw (WAW)
Take off : 09.56 h (0656 UTC)
Touch down : 09.51 h (0751 UTC)
Flying time : 55 minutes
Flying distance : 605 km
Altitude : 36.000 feet
Speed : 850 km/h
Captain : Trofimov, Aleandr
First Officer : Bolshakov
Flight Engineer : Ogurtsov
Navigator : Balakan
Cabin purser : Petrakova
Cabin Crew :

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