Cessna 172 ILS approach at KISP, with angry controller

Cessna 172 ILS approach at KISP, with angry controller

Joe makes an ILS approach at Long Island MacArthur Airport (KISP) all while a controller gets a bit testy. Please read the following FAQs.

What equipment are you using to record this video?
Main camcorder: Panasonic AG HMC150
Windshield camcorder: Contour action cam
Side view: Flip HD

Why aren’t you using all GoPros?
Because they have limited/no manual controls for exposure, focus, zoom, etc. I also had access to the cameras in the shoot vs buying new GoPros.

Why is the camera on the monopod so big?
It’s actually not that big and I think the size is slightly distorted because it’s near the end of the frame.

Isn’t that big camera dangerous in the cockpit?

When you open the map doesn’t it block the pilot’s view?
No, it just looks that way on the video because of the wide angle lens on the reverse angle.

How did you get cockpit audio?
1/4″ phono from the cockpit intercom into XLR on the Panasonic camera.

Why are you chewing with your mouth open?
I was nervous. It was hot. I was popping my ears. I don’t really know. Have you ever been recorded for four hours straight? I wonder what weird things you’d do on camera.

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