X-Plane 10 – Scenery EDQD – Bayreuth


X-Plane 10 – Scenery EDQD – Bayreuth, Germany, 1.0. Bindlacher Berg Airport, or Verkehrslandeplatz Bayreuth in German, is a regional airport in Bindlach, Bavaria 5 km northeast of the city of Bayreuth. Originally built by the German Luftwaffe in 1936, the airport is now devoid of commercial traffic. From 1986 until 2001 there used to be scheduled services from Bayreuth to Frankfurt Airport via Hof-Plauen Airport operated by Nurnberger Flugdienst and later Augsburg Airways on behalf of Team Lufthansa, but these have now ceased. Made with X-Planes default library, OpenSceneryX, RuScenery and Objects by Golf1. Uses default .apt file. By Rene Bruun.

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