FS2004/FSX – Focke Wulf Bomber FW-200 Condor

FW-200 Condor Bomber

FS2004/FSX – Focke Wulf Bomber FW-200 Condorlong range bomber and reccon aircraft. Based on an advanced passenger airplane with four engines the Condor was due to WWII converted to a bomber and a long range reccon and anti shiping aircraft. Mark “Shessi” from SOH has built two FS-models usable in CFS2 (not tested, but probably also in FS2002) FS2004 and FSX. One model carries below the wings four bombs, the other one two Henschel HS-293, a radio-controlled glide bomb with rocket engine. The VC of this Condor model comes from Greg Law’s CFS2-model and some other details and parts, like the KEDI gauges comes from Hauke Keitel. The contribution from Erwin Welker is the FSX compatible panel and weapon configuration and the added views for FSX. These cameras provide gunner views for all of the four gun stations plus external views, showing the best sides of Shessis detailed airplane.

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