10 Very Close Takeoffs at Manchester Airport

10 Very Close Takeoffs: A330, 777, 787, A300, 757, 767, A321, 737 Manchester Airport

Aircraft filmed are from different locations on different days, so aircraft on the takeoff roll will be different from the aircraft on rotation. Part of the “Very Close Takeoff” collection with some great spool up sounds.

Both Thomson 787’s were delivered just days before they were seen here where they flew to Cardiff and Bournemouth for crew training.

Monarch A330 takeoff heading to Orlando.
1st: G-EOMA (first flight in 1999) 2nd: G-SMAN (first flight in 1999)

Qatar A330-300 takeoff heading to Qatar
1st: A7-AED (first flight in 2005) 2nd: A7-AEI (first flight in 2006)

Singapore Airlines 777-300ER takeoff heading to Sinagpore via Munich
1st: 9V-SWF (first flight in 2006) 2nd: 9V-SWG (first flight in 2006)

Thomas Cook 767-300ER takeoff heading to Izmir.
G-DAJC (first flight in 1994)

Monarch A300 takeoff heading to Paphos.
1st: G-OJMR (first flight in 1991) 2nd: G-MONS (first flight in 1990)

Jet2 757-200 takeoff heading to Alicante
1st: G-LSAE (first flight in 1998) 2nd: G-LSAD (first floght in 1989)

Jet2 737-300 takeoff heading to Venice.
1st: G-CELD (first flight in 1987) 2nd: G-CELE (first flight in 1988)

Thomas Cook A330-200 takeoff heading to Cancun.
G-MDBD (first flight in 1999)

Monarch A321 takeoff heading to Palma de Mallarca.
1st: G-OJEG (first flight in 1999) 2nd: G-MARA (first flight in 1999)

Thomson 787 Dreamliner takeoff.
1st: G-TUIA (first flight in 2013) Living the Dream 2nd: G-TUIB (first flight in 2013) Alfie

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