FSX – New Jersey ANG Republic F-84F 141st TFS

F-84F 141st TFS 1

FSX – New Jersey ANG Republic F-84F 141st TFS. This is a repaint of the SSW Republic F84F Thunderstreak in a standard Tactical Air Command (TAC) livery from the early 1960’s It represents F-84F-33-RE 52-6490 serving with the 48th TFW, 141st TFS New Jersey ANG operating from Chaumont-Semoutiers AB, during the Berlin Wall crisis of 1961, and flown by Lt. Richard Bach. Richard Bach is better known as an author, his most celebrated work being Jonathan Livingston Seagull but he has also written many other books including an account of his experiences flying with the NJANG – Stranger to the Ground. Having been flown by various ANG units it was sent to AMARC in 1971 then expended in munitions testing at Socorro NM. By Dave Quincey.

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