FSX – Kabul Military Scenery

Bus Explodes Kabul 2

FSX – Kabul Military Scenery. This scenery was created using default FSX objects as well as one other add-on library. There are several things going on in this scenery. At the Kabul airbase there is a makeshift military hospital with tents and emergency trucks, there is a crew working to prepare an RQ-4A drone for a bomb drop including mechanics and trucks and Humvee s. On stand by are two RQ-1A smaller drones probably used for surveillance. In the city you will see a stream of heavy black smoke. It seems the enemy have struck again! As you fly near the smoke you will see a truck bomb has hit a building causing several fires and about a block away another scene awaits you…a transit bus has exploded and is in flames. At both scenes there are wounded laying on the ground. Includes a number of buildings around the area where you will see the bombings and military person ell. About half way between Kabul and Bagram you will find a military convoy of trucks, Humvee s and tanks and look for the camels. By Dan Culver.

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