FSX – Martins Air Charter C-54B 1964

C-54B PH-MAE 1964 2

FSX – Martins Air Charter C-54B 1964. On 12 June 1962 the four years young Dutch charter company Martins Air Charter (MAC), welcomed at its Amsterdam homebase the flagship of the fleet: the Douglas C-54B (“DC-4”) PH-MAE. Until that moment the largest aircraft of MAC, whose main activities were on the IT-charters and ad-hoc cargo transport, were C-47 PH-MAA which was limited to the transport of max. 32 passengers and C-47 PH-MAB which had a large freight door and could transport a maximum of 3 tons payload. C-54B PH-MAE was a huge improvement since it could transport 70 passengers or 7 tons payload. The other great advantage being it range (medium distance). It soon became a very popular aircraft. With the arrival of the larger Douglas DC-6A combiplane PH-MAM in 1966, the days of PH-MAE with MAC were numbered. The C-54B was sold to the German operator Allgemeine Lufttransport All-Air. Around the same time Martins Air Charter had changed its name into Martinair Holland and as such entered the turboprop and jet age. These are textures only. You will need Jens B. Kristensens FS2X Douglas DC-4 and C-54 (DC4_V30X.ZIP). Repaint by Maarten Brouwer. By Maarten Brouwer.

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