FS2004 – Casa CN-235 AI Aircraft Model


FS2004 – Casa CN-235 AI Aircraft Modell. Casa CN235 aircraft features 9 LOD’s to produce optimized frame rates. LOD1 has 3,007 polygons and LOD9 has 293 polygons. The aircraft also features front gear with animated gear bays and main gear that extend during final approach and retracts after takeoff, animated propellers with three different speed textures such as the still propeller, slow-rotating propeller and fast-rotating propeller to correctly animate the propeller speed, and flaps that extend during final approach in three increments and retracts after touchdown. This model also has landing lights that lights up before entering the runway for takeoff, taxi lights that lights up when the aircraft moves and turns off when it temporarily halts in the taxiway, wing navigational lights, logo lights, beacons and strobe lights. This AI model has a pushback vehicle with a driver and rotating tires upon pushback. Upon final stop, the passenger and cargo doors are opened and a destination sign is displayed. By AiVER, Ver Walter Gulfan.

6.5 MB

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