FSX – Scenery Aeroworks Railroad Valley 2013


FSX – Scenery Aeroworks Railroad Valley 2013. Railroad Valley is Aeroworks’ oldest scenery project and by far the largest. It was originally released for FS2000 and version 2 was used in the Battle of the Airlines 2003 online race. It is a follow on to the series of fictional aiports and surrounding areas called Flight Centers, such as the popular Malibu Flight Center 2. Included in the package is the centerpiece – Flight Center 3 at Echo Canyon and Flight Center 4 at Lunar Lake. Flight center 3 is the prime military headquarters, and functions as an aircraft manufacturing and flight test center all in one. It’s much like a combined version of Edwards AFB and Palmdale Air Force Plant 42 in real life. Flight Center 4 is loosely based off of the High-technology Aerospace Warfare Center (or HAWC) from the earliest Dale Brown novels. The bases lie roughly 50 miles north of Area 51, Groom Lake, Nevada, and are just outside of the Nevada Test Site and the Nellis Air Force Range. In addition there are many other airports and flying locales too numerous to mention here. Full documentation contained within. Uses over 100 custom scenery macros specifically created for this release. Scenery and macros by Jason L. Terry. Additional Macros by Joshua B Nyhus.

32 MB

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