FSX – F-111 Pig HUD Project-Navigation/Situation Awareness


FSX – F-111 Pig HUD Project-Navigation/Situation Awareness cockpit. F-111 Build Std 08 – WEF 08AUG2013 — complete aircraft. Global reach strike-navigation, study the included screen shots. Integrated mission adaptive flight plan editor can enter ICAO’s, lat/longs, radar postn, waypoints, either as, add wpt/direct to/replacement. advanced mult function radar. AI ‘lock on’. Pave Tack in cockpit all aspect viewer. Unified autopilot. HUD. Series of MFD’s, massive amount of data. Active leg switches. Custon inst’s. Programmable ripple bomb switch. Optimised for 2D pilot cockpit and 4×3 aspect ratio monitor. 84 page detailed flight manual. Based on Virtavia freeware General Dynamics F111 Aardvark. By Karol Chlebowski.

80 MB

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