FSX – Tupolev Tu-154M


FSX – Tupolev Tu-154M. The Project Tupolev Tu-154 M for FSX. This is the PT Tu-154M, that has been modified by Thomas Ruth. The main mod is the simpler startup. Unlike most of PT’s planes, with this package, you just press your engine autostart key and the engines go, same for shutting down. Includes five liveries: Aeroflot current livery, Aeroflot Soviet livery, Aeroflot Don new livery, Siberia old livery, and S7 new livery. Also comes with a unique Soloviev D-30KU-154 engine sound set, which are very accurate with the real plane, a realistic 2D cockpit, with a 737 autopilot view if you click on the views tab and select, but it also has the Tu-154 autopilot system in the panel. No VC, but has wing views, as well as a smoke system. This is full ownership of Project Tupolev, and moded by Thomas Ruth and Alexander Huff.

84 MB

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