Sikorsky to develop helicopters with artificial intelligence


The U.S. based helicopter manufacturer Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation plans to develop a new generation of helicopters, based on artificial intelligence. According to, which quotes Defense News, in a long term perspective the manufacturer endeavors to fully remove pilots from helicopters’ cockpit.

The new Matrix technology will allow achieving a higher level of autonomy of future helicopters. At the same time, as noted by Sikorsky representatives, the manufacturer is developing not UAV, but a self-piloted aircraft. It is emphasized that the new technology will be particularly useful in such difficult flight conditions, like flying through a sand storm or landing on the deck of a ship in stormy conditions.

Currently, first tests of the developing system are being already conducted on the basis of commercial S-76 helicopters, which are being used as a flying laboratory. At the moment, the manufacturer assumes that the upcoming automated helicopters will be mainly operated in cargo aviation.

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