CFS – Scenery wo Jima And Volcano Islands


CFS – Scenery wo Jima And Volcano Islands. New version of old scenery from 2003. Now with new realistic hills and mountains, and Japanese ground vehicles. The “Iwo Jima, Minami-Iwo, Kita-Iwo-Jima and Nishino-Shima” scenery shows the airfields used by Japanese Navy located at Iwo Jima, and an emergency airstrip on Kita-Iwo-Jima. Includes static Mitsubishi A6M5 Zero, Nakajima Ki-43 and Mitsubishi Ki-46 and G4M1 Betty. The ground vehicles have new modified API macros of Japanese trucks and armored vehicles. The static planes are in separate BGL files, to make easy the option of not to include them, if it is necessary due to memory requirements or missions problems. By Edmundo Abad.

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