FS2004 – Lockheed P2V-5/F Neptune


FS2004 – Lockheed P2V-5/F Neptune. The Neptunes were not glamorous aircraft, though they were certainly graceful looking. They attracted no particular following except among the crews operating them. The fuselage was long and slender (81 to 91 feet, depending on the model) and the 103 foot, high-lift wings tapered, with a slight dihedral, to fuel tanks attached at the tips. But it did the job as we knew it then, as well as served as a test-bed for the more advanced ASW aircraft of today. In 1957 all defensive armament was removed and replaced with ASW equipment. A plexiglass nose section with an observer operator/MAD position replaced the bow turret. The tail turret was replaced with MAD gear housed in a tapered, stingerlike fairing. The upper deck turret was faired over with plexiglass. This file has eight different variations of the Neptune. The aircraft has the normal animations as well as operating jet intake doors, upper cockpit doors, crew entrance ladder, retractable landing lights, bomb bay doors. Aircraft models, panels, textures by David Wooster.

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