FSX – Northern Lights…Extreme Adventure!


FSX – Northern Lights…Extreme Adventure! E-Pulp Short Story and Flight–Once again Max REX is called to fly to uncharted territories and into danger. Dr. Alfonze Skywater and his daughter Kathy want to fly to the freezing north of Canada to unravel the mystery of strange machines with powerful lights flying over villages and mountains. Max does not know it but by flying to the Canadian extreme north will be responsible for helping the future allied forces of the coming war… Flying with Max will give you the feeling of urgency as well as savoring what real adventure up in the sky is all about! Some evil doings are going on in the north, it’s up to YOU–Max, Kathy and Dr. Skywater to find out and save the world at large… Coming? By Gera Godoy Canova.

800 Kb

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