FS2004/FSX – Easyjet Airbus A320-211

Project_Airbus_A320-232_EasyJet_G-EZUG 1

FS2004/FSX – Easyjet Airbus A320-211. Easyjet last logojet carrying the “Moscow” logo, registration G-EZUG. Repaint for the v2.1 model by Project Airbus; model included. Features pressurisation outflow valve, controls air pressure by letting it out, opens below 30 knots on ground, ground spoilers, pack outlets, open different amounts due to temperature, idle reversers, reversers stay open for a couple of seconds after they have been shut off, open full when only idle reverse thrust is selected, parallel bogies in the double-bogey model (used by Indian Airlines), dropping surfaces elevators and ailerons drop when engines are shut off, opening passenger and cargo doors custom effects, double strobes, navigation and beacon lights, as well as touchdown effects, dynamic shine, wing views, accurate landing gear extension and retraction, and more. By Carlos Eduardo Salas.

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