Historic Airline Group Adds New Flights

hagThe Historic Airline Group (www.historicairlinegroup.com) has just added several new flights for its membership group. The beautiful Ford Trimotor is well represented with flights on both the west coast and the east coast. These flights follow historic routes by TWA, but destination airports have been changed from current day large international airports to smaller nearby airports, including some grass strips, to better represent the feeling of flying in the 1930’s.

HAG also added several flights for the Capt Sim C-130. Flying from RAF Mildenhall to several Norwegian airports, plus flights from Alaska’s USAF bases to unimproved airports in the far north. Enjoy the fun of inserting Special Forces into the wilderness on training missions during all weather ops, day and night.

Other recent additions include Tyrolean DHC-7 flights, BEA Trident flights in Europe, Portugal’s TAP Constellation flights, Southern DC-9 flights and even some interesting short hops in our classic Chester Charter Cessna 206.

Come check us out and see if the Historic Airline Group is the VA you’ve been looking for. Our wide selection of airlines, time periods and aircraft cover the true history of aviation

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