Eastern Airlines Virtual Pilots Loves To Fly

hqdefaultHere at Eastern Airlines Virtual, we have some of the most active pilots around. Since the introduction of the VAFS5 client last year, we have maintained the number one spot in the VAFS power rankings system. We have dominated in the number of flights flown and the number of flight hours. This a great accomplishment and our pilots are proud.

We have a large number of routes to keep pilots busy. Along with the routes, we have a great fleet full of modern aircraft. We also have weekly multiplayer flights, a dedicated ventrillo server, and a monthly newsletter.

Eastern Airlines Virtual started in 1998. Our Senior management staff works hard in the background to keep the Golden Falcon alive. We are always looking for new pilots to join our fine roster. Whether you are a veteran or a beginner pilot, and you are able to fly regularly, you can be a part of one of the oldest virtual airlines on the internet.

For more information, please feel free to visit our web site at www.easternairlinesvirtual.com.

Come and see how we earn our wings, everyday!

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