StandardAero selected as Authorized Repair Maintenance and Overhaul Center in support of the RR300 engine

5128a66d4a25c454dbcb233231f60db6StandardAero has been selected by Rolls-Royce to become an Authorized Repair Maintenance and Overhaul Center (AMROC) in support of the RR300 engine, both at its Winnipeg (Helicopters headquarters) and Singapore locations. Currently, the two companies are working to finalize the agreement details.

As the largest Rolls-Royce M250 maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) facility in the world, StandardAero currently has much of the necessary market presence and infrastructure in place to support the operators and service centers around the world.

The company’s recent expansion at its Singapore facility, factored-in additional RR300 support within the infrastructure, providing a brand new facility already designed to support the RR300 engine with every level of support needed (lease engines, troubleshooting, field service, full MRO, etc.).

“The RR300 is very important to StandardAero and a strategic evolution in our relationship with Rolls-Royce and our leadership position in the helicopter engine MRO market,” said Kim Olson, Senior Vice President, Helicopters, Energy & Engineering, StandardAero. “We’ve been supporting the Rolls-Royce M250 engine for over 45 years. The RR300 is a natural evolution in our Helicopter engine MRO strategy; a great light-airframe engine with strong potential for growth in the marketplace.”

“We are pleased to have Standard Aero as an Authorized repair and Overhaul Center for the RR300 engine. This selection builds upon our longstanding SAL engine support relationships and helps ensure operators will have responsive, competitive support options,” said Hubert Brown, Director, Helicopter Services, Rolls-Royce. “It will be important for the R66 operators and the Service Centers to have strong technical and operational support for this new engine, and our new RR300 network will help keep their aircraft flying.”

Only six AMROCs are planned. The RR300 powers the Robinson R66 helicopter.

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