VATSIM ATO Instructor Opening At Hellenic Airways

hellHellenic Airways Group is an Authorized Training Organization on the VATSIM Network. At this time the Hellenic Flight Training Department would like to announce the search for an additional Instructor to assist in the daily operations of the ATO.

Position Description:

  • Instructing trainees in relevant course material
  • Examining trainees
  • Assisting with the maintenance and future development of the department

Position Requirements:

  • Exceptional knowledge in VATSIM regulations and operations
  • Above average aviation knowledge (both VFR and IFR)
  • Ability to commit the necessary time to instructor duties

How to Apply:

All prospective applicants should e-mail the Hellenic Flight Training Department Included in the e-mail should be: VATSIM CID, Curriculum Vitae, and a brief summary of why you would be a good fit for the position. Please take time when creating the application. Any applications which lack the required information and a level of depth will not be considered.

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